Category: Fauna


10 Aug 2022
Several Compass Jellyfish stranded at high-tide mark. Swimmers beware – they do have stinging tendrils.

moth catch

09 Aug 2022
Disappointing overnight catch in moth trap – maybe the moon was too bright so the light box was less attractive to them. One little beauty, though – this Antler Moth. What a complex design and texture.

Diving beetle

03 Aug 2022
A large Diving Beetle unexpectedly crawling around in my moth trap this morning. They really are huge – one-two inches – and quite fierce-looking. They sometimes fly around at night in search of water so I put it in my pond, where it seemed quite content.

daytime moth

02 Aug 2022
A humming-bird hawkmoth was a welcome interruption to an outdoor committee meeting this evening, appropriately discussing SS conservation issues. Amazingly, these little beauties migrate here from Europe – how many wingbeats does that take?


30 Jul 2022
It seems that stonechats have nested successfully at each end of SS, a pair by the Coastguards in the North and behind the Martello in the South. They sit up very helpfully on the topmost spray of bushes and call, as the name suggests, like two stones being crunched together.


27 Jul 2022
Nightjars are still churring on the Heath, but only intermittently now as they near the end of their season. Still exciting to have one glide past in the gloaming, though, doing its own moth-catching.

moth camouflage

24 Jul 2022
Can you spot this Peppered Moth on our paving? Great camouflage.


19 Jul 2022
Various people have asked me about the dense flock of 'black' birds that keeps whooshing around in a tightly-packed formation, settling occasionally on the wires like something out of Hitchcock's The Birds. They're starlings, a mixed flock of adults and juveniles (the brown ones). Quite good to see them in fact since starling numbers in Britain have declined sharply in recent years.


16 Jul 2022
I spoke too soon (see last post). There was a sudden effusion of Gatekeepers today, small orangey brown butterflies with two tiny white dots in the eye-spot, quite distinct from the Meadow Browns.


15 Jul 2022
Fewer butterflies around than normal, I'm afraid. The buddleia is usually swarming with red admirals, peacocks, painted ladies and graylings by now. Maybe they'll come later with this southerly airstream bringing the extreme heat. Maybe ...